Stage 1

front view

side view

green room



[download Stage 1 floorplan PDF]

[download Stage 1 floorplan with light rails PDF]


Stage One’s White Cyc in Los Angeles has been used for Music Video Production, Photoshoot Production, Event Production, Green Screen, Screenings and more! This 5,000 sq. ft space comes fully prepped with three green-rooms, a large elephant door + ramp for loading, 11 adjustable light rails, 1200 amps of power, and more listed below! Check out the stage photos featured and contact us if you would like to see more photos and information about our Stage One 3-wall White Cyc.

Stage 1 has been mainly designed to be ready for any creative demand, which immediately makes adaptability our priority. Even the most basic equipment included crystal-clean white cyclorama walls, regularly replaced and cleaned according to a rigorous schedule. Aside from the regular white cyc walls, we have a set of free ones that are fit to accommodate any shooting angle our customers might require.

A multitude of possibilities and a malleable, adaptable space is precisely what makes Stage 1 at Mack Sennett Studios one of the premier white cyc facilities in all of Los Angeles.

  • 5,000 square feet
  • Features large elephant door and ramp, ideal for loading gear, cars etc.
  • Bates & cam-lok connections available
  • 52’w x 41’l x 23’h cyclorama
  • Soundproofed
  • 95’ shooting depth
  • 60’ clear span
  • Adjustable speed rails
  • 11 adjustable light rails available
  • Full catwalk
  • Use of all three greenrooms
  • Power distribution box with 6 x 100 amp circuits, spread across 3 legs
  • 1200 amps of power