Event Space Rentals In Los Angeles

Mack Sennett Studios is more than its 10,000 square feet of flexible space. It’s a Los Angeles landmark where you can host your next event. With two fully equipped sound stages, versatile VIP lounges and greenrooms, as well as catering and concierge services, all you need to bring is your imagination. You provide the wish list and we’ll make it work!

From Downtown, LA to the Hollywood Hills, there are hundreds of event venues in Los Angeles, CA from which you can choose, including Warner Bros Studios, the Houdini Estate, the Shrine Auditorium, and more. But our prime location in Los Angelesexceptional style, and impeccable service are all reasons to consider Mack Sennett Studios for your event space rental.

We invite you to use our facilities and unique venue as you host anything from an elegant corporate event to an over-the-top cosplay convention that would make a Tim Burton set seem dull (in fact, we dare you to do that second one!). This versatile space conveniently located in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA has hosted everything from a Hamilton dinner to an interactive album launch party for Janelle Monae. Our event space has been the site of several celebrity + brand collaborations as well as a smokin’ 2020 Grammys afterparty. We’re experts at helping you create the Los Angeles, CA experience you envision. Consider our venues an open space upon which you can create your masterpiece.


With many performances shifting to live stream, we now offer live streaming services with our studio's in-house production team. With the use of our recording studio, we can even have separate mixes for the venue and for streaming. There’s also a large window overlooking the stage, so you can look down and see the production or party in progress. If you’re searching for an event space rental, Los Angeles is a city that offers many possibilities. However, not every venue has a music studio standing at the ready. If you have these types of technical requirements, we may be the best event venue in Los Angeles to fit your needs.

Production Resources At Our Event Space

Project Management
Maintaining vendor partnerships
Budget Management
Run-of-Show Creation
3D Floor Plan Rendering
Timeline Projection & Implementation


Set Designers
AV (FOH/LD/Engineers/Visuals)
Catering & Beverage


Talent Acquisition
Brand Partnerships
Custom Brand Integration
Curatorial Services
Cocktail Development
Experiential Campaign Decks


Your health, safety, and satisfaction are our top concerns. You’ll find we are careful to adhere to all the CDC recommendations when it comes to Covid-19 within our event spaces and will follow the requirements specific to Los Angeles, CA event venues.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about our rental event spaces and we’ll be happy to help. View Our COVID-19 Protection Plan here.


Mack Sennett Studios is an obvious space to host industry events and parties, video shoots, and photo shoots. Situated in Silver Lake, we are right at the crossroads of where people live, work, and play in Los Angeles, CA, making our event spaces one of the best venues Los Angeles can provide.

Perhaps you’re already filming on one of our sound stages and want to rent out Mabel’s for a wrap party? Mabel’s is the perfect spot for a smaller swanky soiree, where your TV series crew can sip on cocktails and relax after a job well done.

If you’ve got musicians in your production, you could always feature them on Mabel’s small stage as your select audience lounges and listens. No need for luxury hotels when our event venues can provide everything from a production studio for fitness videos to a monk space for meditation retreats.

Take advantage of our unique atmosphere and event spaces and be a part of Hollywood history. We can help you with any type of event imaginable – birthday party, wedding receptions, baby showers, mixer, corporate events, or premiere. Give us a call to discuss your plans, and feel free to gather some more ideas for your wedding, video shoot, or other events from the descriptions below.


Whether you want to raise money at a unique venue, sell something in the heart of Los Angeles, AKA the entertainment capital of the world, or celebrate good times in open spaces, we’ve got you covered. Our Los Angeles event venues can cater to the needs of your customers, stakeholders, employees, and well, everyone you’re inviting to your event.

We have full-service catering options available. And that’s in addition to all the other amenities this Los Angeles event venue offers. 

Our sound stages give you access to the catwalk, and any lighting and sound set-up you like for a standing reception, expo hall, or lounge area. There’s room for a big band, a dance floor, and rows of tables along a wall of large windows to keep the guests at your Southern California events fed and festive.

With 10,000 sq. ft. to work with, event space will not be an issue. Having housed events in Downtown Los Angeles for as long as we have, we can often foresee any hiccups before they happen. From street parking to party balloons, we have the hook-ups. 

You’ll have access to super stylish greenrooms that you can use for separate lounge areas, or as a space for any performers, a host, or guests. Attached to Stage 1, with approximately 800 sq. ft., is our Woodshop with high ceilings and an open floor plan, which is the perfect place to use as an art gallery if you wish to display artwork at your event. It can also make a nice area to arrange auction items while still capturing that fresh air and natural light. If you’re hosting a conference or other working event in Los Angeles, there’s plenty of event space for panel discussions, meetings, or break out rooms in our facilities. If you have any special needs, we’ll do our best to accommodate.


When you’re searching for an event venue in Los Angeles, it can be aggravating to sift through all the specs, send emails, and leave messages all around town. If you’re trying to plan a wedding or a sweet sixteen you don’t need any additional aggravations because you have a big job ahead of you. We can help ease some of those tensions by offering superior service and a gorgeous view of Los Angeles.

There are separate spaces for the bride, the belle of the ball, or the man of the hour. Guests love our gorgeous greenrooms and banquet halls, which boast vintage decor with modern amenities. There are bathrooms, showers, full kitchens, and ample space for you to take care of all your needs and last-minute surprises. 

All of your vendors will be happy to know about our elephant door and ramp that enables you to bring in any oversized equipment or decorations, whether for a wedding events or for corporate meetings. So when you decide to go big and bold with your events, we are here for that.

If your party is too much to be contained by the space of four walls, you can have an outdoor event on the street outside our event venues. We’ve hosted the Los Angeles Beer & Food Festival, so needless to say, we’ve been there before.

From Los Angeles parking to live music to making sure you live it up, our team is at your service when it comes to party venues, event space, and more. So think of us next time you need to throw an anniversary party or a kick-ass quinceañera.


Anywhere you go in Downtown Los Angeles you could potentially come across branded experiences and activations. You’ve seen it in Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, West Hollywood, Playa Del Rey, West LA, Santa Monica, Universal Studios, Highland Park, the Fashion District, Eagle Rock, Culver City, the Arts District, the Hollywood Hills, in beach cities across Los Angeles, and more.

It’s what the kids are doing in this age of Instagram, and it can mean a million things. You could utilize green screen technology in the Arts District of Los Angeles to heighten the selfie experience or have celebrities pose next to your new product and send those snaps straight to social media.

Our Los Angeles venue provides you with a unique and flexible setting so you can create that physical and emotional engagement you want people to have with your brand. And you’ll also benefit from our being within close proximity and walking distance to the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

With our white cyc walls and green screen capabilities, we can help transport your guests to another galaxy with our venue space, or just get some goofy photos or fun videos. Set up a few props and a fan, and everyone can look like Superman. Enable them to easily share the photos and videos directly to social media if you want to amplify your event or birthday parties. You could also have your guests be part of a giant photo mosaic that expands in real-time as more people arrive.

If you’re looking for a rental space and party venues to set up this type of experiential marketing, we have experience doing just that. We hosted the Acura + Genius “Precision Crafted Performances” party that had live performances by Destiny Rogers and Olivia O’Brien, as well as a playlist generated in real-time with Genius’ own media music platform. With live entertainment, interactive installations, and libations, the possibilities are endless.

Have an event coming up and looking for a space?
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