Complete Production Studio in Los Angeles

Filming movies, TV or really any kind of video requires so much. When you have talented and artistic people in your production, you want to give them a production space that has everything they need to be successful. That’s what we can offer. Here at Mack Sennett Studios, we have a complete production studio in Los Angeles and so much more.We have more than one production space, allowing artists of every kind to make productions and events what they according to specific requirements.

Fulfilling the vision of talented artists and creatives requires a production space with endless transformative capabilities to help bring that vision to life. At Mack Sennett Studios, we offer a multiple production spaces, that can each be uniquely designed and utilized to meet and exceed the expectations of the creative vision.

Stage 1 Production Studio in Los Angeles31

Equipped for any creative demand, Stage 1 was designed to be completely adaptable for any creative production, event, or essentially anything else. The list of clients and projects that have utilized Stage 1 reads like a “Who’s Who” of Hollywood over the course of decades. At 5,000 square feet, it is large enough to handle larger-than-normal production. It is often equipped for film and TV shooting, photoshoots, events, festival screenings, music video production and can be adaptable to serve many more functions.

Throughout the decades, Stage 1 has helped manifest projects industry leaders throughout music, fashion, and film, and at 5,000 square-feet it is large enough to house events and festivals as well.

Complete Production Studio in Los Angeles

Stage 1 Specifics

Fully soundproofed with 95’ shooting depth and 60’ clear span, Stage 1 can house even the most ambitious production. With white cyc walls as well as a set of free ones available, the stage can be utterly transformed to meet your needs. Three greenrooms can be used in conjunction with the stage, which means that your talent can be treated right. As with a major production or event, you need power you can trust. That’s why Stage 1 has 1200 amps of power. Getting people and equipment in and out of Stage 1 is easy as well, due to the giant elephant door and loading ramp.

Fully soundproofed with 95’ shooting depth and 60’ clear span, Stage 1 is a canvas for even the most ambitious production. White cyc walls can be easily transformed, three greenrooms allow for a hospitable and comfortable visit, 1200 amps of power for operations, and a large elephant door and loading ramp to alleviate the difficulties of loading and unloading.

Stage 2

Stage 2 may not be as big and grand as Stage 1; however, Stage 2 can be  perfect for your medium-sized shoots or events in its own right. By no means small at 2,000 square feet, Stage 2 offers a 35’ ceiling as well as large cyclorama and paint frame. What makes Stage 2 unique is the wooden backdrop paint frame and exposed brick wall. For an even more authentic feel, Stage 2 allows for more than ample natural light, too.

At 2,000 square-feet, Stage 2 offers 35’ ceiling, large cyclorama and paint frame. A variety of backdrops include the white cyc wall, exposed brick wall, and a wooden backdrop paint frame, each bathed in natural light throughout the day.


This historic Los Angeles production space has evolved through many eras of Hollywood.For example, the Woodshop was originally a room for woodworking and building. Today, it’s a premier studio rental space. It has been the site of so many different kinds of uses, ranging from music videos, beer festivals, album launch parties, magazine shoots, to immersive production experiences. What makes the Woodshop even more unique is that it can expand: if you’d like, a Stage 1 addition is available. This is the perfect place for an art show, fashion show, award ceremony, or even a music video.When considering where to hold your event, don’t forget Effie St. We’ve had many red carpet events that have been widely-covered in the press. 

Through the decades of Mack Sennett Studio’s existence, the historic production space has evolved through many eras of Hollywood. What was once originally a room for woodworking and building sets, is now a rental space with a unique aesthetic and a perfect backdrop. In the past, it has provided the setting for music videos, beer festivals, album launch parties, as well as immersive production experiences. The woodshop also faces Stage 1 and allows the rooms to combine into a unified space.

Additionally, we are happy to assist with the reservation of Effie Street alongside the studio where larger events have held their red carpets for their guest lists. To discover how we can provide the location for your creative endeavor, give us a call at (323) 660-8466.

A Historic Los Angeles Soundstage, Then and Now

In the last century, so much of Hollywood’s production methods have changed. The technology used in motion pictures is well beyond what anyone could’ve imagined decades ago.

To make the best out of any movie, TV, or photo shoot, you need a historic Los Angeles soundstage like ours, which is fully equipped with everything. In this blog, we’ll lay out what Mack Sennett Studios can offer. Our location has been a timeless entertainment industry staple for many reasons.

Comparing the production used silent films that were developed in Mack Sennett Studios in 1916 to the type of equipment and technology needed to produce a motion picture in 2019, the production methods would be unrecognizable. Withstanding the development and keeping up with the pace of technological evolution is one of Mack Sennett Studio’s best features, and offering a sound stage that continues to expand it’s capabilities with state of the art equipment is how the studio has remained a timeless institution throughout all these years.

Historic Los Angeles Soundstage

Our Los Angeles Soundstage

With two main soundstages in our 25,000 square foot facility, we have the space for your shoot or event. You’ll never feel cramped or inhibited on our soundstages. Rather, you’ll have the space to bring your Hollywood dreams to life. Equipped with a white cyc wall and a green screen, we offer the kind of technical amenities that serious Hollywood productions require. Light rails, fully adjustable, allowing you to completely tailor our soundstage to the unique needs of your production.

The two main stages in the 25,000 square-foot facility allows production teams ample space to bring their visions to fruition. Equipped with white cyc walls, dressing rooms, green rooms, and more, the studio offers all the amenities to ease teams through an efficient shoot or production.

Equipped for Artists

Treating talent appropriately is an important facet of a true Hollywood production. At our studios, we have the facilities that allow you to treat talent as they deserve to be treated. Our green rooms, vanity rooms and dressing rooms have the proper considerations deserving of Hollywood’s elite. Quality catering makes certain that your talent feels welcome and appreciated. With ample parking and valet parking, everyone can get to and from our facility simply and easily. As all of this is taken care of, your talent and crew can focus on what’s most important: your production or event.

Understanding that long shoot days require a kind staff and the comfort of hospitality is an important facet of our facilities. Our green rooms, vanity rooms, and dressing rooms have the proper considerations deserving of the talent and teams. Additionally, our staff offers quality and affordable catering packages, as well as ample parking options to ensure accessibility and efficiency for your event.

The Right Equipment

The proper equipment can make or break a production or other kind of Hollywood event. In the history of our studios, we used to house a shop that produced hand-painted backdrops. After that, our facility became a studio lighting and equipment company. Today, we offer equipment rentals at our soundstage. That way, you don’t have to bring in equipment from elsewhere. Instead, with our equipment rentals, you can have the equipment you need right at our facility. It’s one more way that we can make the process easier on your production. With our floor-level loading door, bringing the equipment in and out is simple as well.

Before Mack Sennett Studios existed in it’s current state, the studio once housed a shop dedicated to producing hand-painted backdrops, and then further down the timeline, the facility became a studio lighting and equipment company. Today, Mack Sennett Studios carries that history by providing equipment rentals at the soundstage for an all-inclusive production. Our facilities offer an extensive range and availability of equipment rentals beginning with grip and electric and production supplies, through an extensive variety of parts and pieces needed to fulfill your production. Alleviating the heavy lifting from loading and unloading the production, Stage 1, the 5,000 square-foot larger of the two stages, conveniently features a large elephant door and ramp to the street.  

As a Premiere Los Angeles Event Venue

In addition to being the creative space for so many artistic works, stages one and two serve as a world-class event venue. Thousands of guests have held their events at our facility. This is another area where our size comes in so handy: we can handle large events as well as more intimate ones. Movie premiers, large festivals and national conferences have been held here. Additionally, so have lovely birthday parties and small-family weddings. Our sound stage can become whatever you need it to be.

While the studios function as creative spaces for shoots and productions, they also double as distinguished event spaces. We’ve welcomed thousands of guests visiting the studio for all kinds of events including movie premieres, album releases, event fairs and festivals, national conferences, weddings and more. Mack Sennett Studio’s sound stages have the capacity and malleability to be transformed into anything that your project or event requires. We’d love to discuss ideas and assist with the creation and logistics of your event, call us at (323) 660-8466 to learn how our sound stage can work for you.

How to Access a Hospitable Production Studio Space

Many recording artists, filmmakers, and photographers understand that a hospitable production studio space completely changes the game during the creation process. When entertaining talent, or keeping a crew running smoothly, having the most professional environment is the most beneficial for your shoot. Not to mention it means so much more for anyone working on the job to remember their workplace as clean, positive, and organized. Mack Sennett Studios is known for having one of the best environments to work in, and in addition to that, our space is one to return to over and over again.

There’s A Reason They Come Back

Mack Sennett Studios sits on more history than most people understand. The structure itself is over 100 years old and has hosted huge names like Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, and so many more entertainers. So why do major faces in entertainment continue to return to this space? The answer is simple; because we provide an attentive team and a unique historic location. Many envision a production studio space to be rather bare. Plenty of room to move, but it’s stale and almost unwelcoming. When you walk through the doors of our studio, you are provided with a space that can act as a second home while you’re there.Hospitable Production Studio Space

Music, Photo, and Film

Our have hosted productions from all different types of mediums. You name it, we can do it all. We offer two different stages, both quipped with white cycs, and capability to transform into green screen, as well as amenities rooms for each stage. That means your talent and production team does not need to work far from where the action is happening. Amenities rooms can be used as talent holding area, dressing room, craft services, and as production offices.

Making your vision come to life is our priority, and with our amenities it isn’t hard to do. Maintaining a friendly collaboration between your team and our studio is the goal, and we are happy to make that happen.

Contact Mack Sennett Studios for a Hospitable Production Studio Space

Book with Mack Sennett Studios by email or calling (323) 660-8466. A member of our studio operations team can help to schedule or budget your upcoming shoot, and help to make it run as smoothly as possible. As a hospitable production studio space, we will provide all we can from the beginning of your shoot until you wrap.

Choose a Modern Location for Your Production Studio Space

Choosing the perfect production studio space for your project involves finding a location that not only looks good, but can also accommodate your team. Mack Sennett Studios prides itself on putting our clients first and striving to exceed the expectations of everyone who steps foot in our historic studio. Our studio may have had a facelift or two over it’s 102 year existence, but one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to bringing your creative visions to life.

A Beautiful Location for Shooting

Mack Sennett Studios sits adjacent to the bustling Hollywood area in a popular neighborhood known as Silver Lake. Right off of Sunset Boulevard, Silver Lake is known for attracting creatives from all different artistic backgrounds. A mecca for restaurants, shops, and entertainment, we have found that our corner of Fountain and Bates is at the heart of the cultural Renaissance of Los Angeles. Aside from the interior of our studio, many productions have found that our surrounding neighborhood makes for a great backdrop in their shoots, using our Amenities as a basecamp for their glamour and styling teams.

Production Studio Space

A Modern Studio

The structure of Mack Sennett Studios has not changed much over time. Originally lacking a roof (early films required natural light to obtain decent quality shots), the most noticeable updates you’ll see are the modern touches to the interior design. Although our interior has been updated to accommodate A-list clientele  with fully equipped kitchens, vanity rooms, dressing rooms, showers and more, we’ve managed to also retain elements of the studio’s old Hollywood aura that nod to a colorful past. The original lobby wall made up of patchwork wood panels and a basement filled with hundreds of items dating back to the early 1900’s, are just a couple of items that remind us of where our origin story lies.

Getting the Most from Our Studio

When you are looking for a production studio space in LA, Mack Sennett studios has more to offer than most. You can make use of Stage One 5000 square feet, 3-wall white cyc, and an elephant door that is ideal for loading large pieces of equipment such as cars, scissor lifts, large light setups, or Stage Two’s 2-wall white cyc for smaller productions. We can help you to get the most from our studio by showing you all of the tricks and features that are available with each set. We can also help you to record music or sounds in our specialist recording studio nearby. This allows you to get maximum usage out of our rental space, and you can start the process today by calling (323) 660-8466 now.

Get Back To the Golden Age with Mack Sennett Soundstage Rentals

Today’s media is all about the glitz and the glamour, and in LA this can often mean looking back to a period when movie stars were the height of culture and everyone in the film industry seemed to be beautiful and interesting. When studios think of that golden age, they think of a time when big names brought in the crowds and a big budget would mean a fabulous film and great profits. If you are hankering after a little bit of golden age glamour for your shoot, then you might consider looking at Mack Sennett Studios for your next project. Mack Sennett soundstage rentals can place you right in the heart of 1920s Los Angeles.

The History behind Studios

Just off the edge of Sunset Boulevard, nestled in Silver Lake, Mack Sennett Studios first appeared as a film studio in 1916. These studios were host to great films, and they were brought back to life in 2013 when the enormous barn like studio was revamped to make it a suitable soundstage for the modern era. With its beautiful history and the many amazing people who have been here over the years, it is a glamorous backdrop that adds history to your shoot just by being in the background.

Mack Sennett Soundstage Rentals

A New Lease of Life

Since its restoration, the studio has served as a host for many different films and music shoots, including hosting American Horror Story scenes, shots from The Aviator, and even the shoot that became the viral Blurred Lines music video. We have also been host to a wide range of different musical events, weddings, conferences, film shoots and photography sessions. If you are thinking of your next shoot in LA, Mack Sennett studios is the perfect location.

Talk to Us Today about Mack Sennett Soundstage Rentals 

When you are looking for a fantastic modern location for your soundstage rentals, but also want to hold true to the traditional way of filming and recording in LA, we could be the perfect mix of both modern soundstage and traditional movie studio. Let us be the background to all of the photographs, or scenes that you want to shoot here, and you’ll be amazed at how a golden age studio can keep up with the needs of modern media. To start your experience today, contact us now on our online form, or call a member of our team at (323) 660-8466.

Studio Space Rentals for Your Recordings

31Whether you are looking to record your music or have an advertisement or film that you need to record, finding the best space available will have an important impact on the results you achieve. Choosing an inferior space, or just “making do” with what you have at home or outside, can have a negative effect on your final product, leaving you to make much less of an impact on your audience than you wanted. You are much better off turning to a source like ours here at Mack Sennett Studios for the studio space rentals ideal for your recordings.

A Great Music Space

We have great music spaces available to you when you want to rent out a location for a recording. You will find that we have rooms that can give you the high-quality sound you need so that you can get the best recording possible. We make sure to have top equipment available for you to use for your sessions, whether you need equipment for recording, mixing, and sound or you need access to extra instruments that can be added to your songs. You will find our space gives you the ideal setting and atmosphere and is available for very reasonable rates.

Studio Space Rentals

Perfect Space for Studio Work

For those that may be seeking space to do some film recording, the studio space rentals we offer at Mack Sennett Studios are second to none. We have different stages that you can select from to suit your space requirements and offer everything from green screens to the power requirements you have, to green rooms for preparation. You can make use of our elegant space and high-end equipment to get the best results.

Call About Space Rentals

To find out more about the studio space rentals we offer at Mack Sennett Studios and to arrange to look at the spaces, just give us a call at (323) 660-8466. You can speak with us and find out more details about our spaces and see what is available on the date or dates you need for your recording sessions. Select a space that will allow you to create the fantastic product that helps you make your mark. Alternatively, if you want to send us a message or you would like to make an inquiry, please send us a message using our online contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

Finding a Quality Photo Shoot Space Matters

There is a lot of planning that goes into setting up a professional photo shoot. Whether you are shooting promotional material, for a catalog, an advertisement, or other printed material or web-based material for your business, you want to make sure you have everything in place, so the shoot goes as planned. Working out a project like this can be expensive, and you want to make sure you get it right the first time around. Beyond having a great photographer to work with and models lined up for the shoot, you also need to consider where you are going to take the pictures. Finding a quality photo shoot space matters, and taking the time to scout locations is in your best interests.

Looking for the Right Space

You may find plenty of locations that advertise they have space available in the Los Angeles area, but booking a location sight unseen can be a big mistake on your part. You may end up paying a lot of money for a location that does not fit your needs, does not have the atmosphere that is right for you, or falsely advertises to you to lure you in and get your money. Look closely at any spot you consider, checking online and reading reviews, so you know their reputation. You can then make an appointment to visit the location before you agree to any deals.

Quality Photo Shoot Space

Space with the Best Atmosphere

The atmosphere can be everything when you are looking for a photo shoot space. Choosing a place that has a bland setting may not give you the background or feel that you want or need for your shoot. That is why choosing our space here at Mack Sennett Studios can make such a difference to you. Our historic spaces give you the elegant atmosphere that you want for your shoot so that your pictures have the style and charm that make a difference.

Book Your Space Today

If you want to make sure you have the perfect photo shoot space for your next project, contact us here at Mack Sennett Studios to see what we have to offer. You can call us at (323) 660-8466 to ask about our studios and availability, or you can reach out to us using the contact form found here on our site, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Get the photo space that has the professionalism and glamour that is perfect for your needs.

Come To Mack Sennett for Vintage Studio Space Rentals

First built in 1916, Mack Sennett Studios offers the perfect combination of vintage rooms with classic space design, and modern technology. Reopened in 2013 and now a creative space for musicians, photographers and filmmakers. We offer local artists and musicians convenient studio space rentals for events, fashion shows, photoshoots, music videos and other creative projects, so talk to us today about your needs!

A Historic Location

One of the biggest attractions for creative people coming to our Studios is that we are a historic location. With more than a hundred years of history in our buildings, and with the connection to the golden age of cinema, Mack Sennett Studios can provide a connection to L.A.’s glorious past and the history of Hollywood. We also offer the woodshop, which retains vintage walls that have not been affected by modern design or styling.

Studio Space Rentals

Choosing the Perfect Space from Our Stages

We can offer you a number of different spaces for your creative project. Whether you want our large stage 1, with 5,000 square feet of space and access to large elephant doors, or you want to use our more intimate stage 2, with 2000 square feet of space and a 35 foot ceiling, you can get the space that you require with our services. We can provide you with a historical connection to Hollywood, but we also believe in using the latest in modern technology in order to generate great looks for your projects.

Get in Touch!

To get in touch, simply use our online contact form to reach out to a member of our team and discuss the location for your next production, or just call us now at (323) 660-8466.

Our Historic Studios Are the Perfect Photo Shoot Space

Located in a beautiful Los Angeles neighborhood, Mack Sennett Studios has a wealth of film and TV production history, and since its original construction over a hundred years ago, the studio space has been the choice selection of production companies of all sizes. Clients can make use of this area for a variety of different purposes, including using our soundstages as a Photo shoot space.

Making Use of Our Film Sets

Stage One has 5000 square feet of space, with 11 adjustable light rails available. If you have larger pieces of equipment which you wish to get into the studio – like cars, lighting gear, lions (yes, real live lions) – then our elephant door with loading ramp will allow you to get these items into the studio space with ease. Stage 1 is also linked to the woodshop, a client favorite of the many versatile spaces you can choose from.

Photo Shoot Space

Using the Woodshop Area

The woodshop is a very popular spot for photo shoots as well as being used for art shows or small events. One of the reasons why it is often used for photography is its high ceilings and exposed wooden walls, creating a naturally dramatic backdrop. It can be rented out alone, or in conjunction with any of the other available spaces in the building.

Get the Best Photo Shoot Possible With Us

We believe that Mack Sennett Studios offers the best Photo shoot space available to our clients. We can offer you up-to-the-minute technology combined with vintage stages, so that you get the best of both worlds. To book one of our stages, or to discuss your needs further with our team, use our online contact form, or call us on (323) 660-8466 today.


Turn Our Film Spaces into a Professional Photo Studio Rental in Los Angeles

As a well-established and historic film studio in the heart of modern LA, Mack Sennett Studios can provide you with space and glamour in an exclusive location. We are host to a wide range of events and creative specialties, including music events, video shoots and soundproof recording sessions. If you are looking for a prime locations to give your images sophistication and style without looking old-fashioned, then you can turn one of our stage spaces into your own photo studio rental in Los Angeles.

An Ideal Space

We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to make use of film studios which were created for a silent movie maker. Now, we exist as a working archive to that era, one which is still up-to-date and able to provide you with the latest tools to make your photo shoot worthwhile. We have formed our identity as more than just a little piece of LA history, and are not only a soundstage and a focal point for producers, but we also serve as an event space for all kinds of creative events, including photo shoots and video production.

Photo Studio Rental in Los Angeles


An Example of Our Stages

Stage 1 is the ideal location for a photo shoot, having around 5000 square feet, and a large cyclorama at one end which can form the perfect backdrop to your shoots. There are nearly a dozen adjustable light rails and over 1000 amps of power, so that you can keep your photo shoot well lit and dramatic with ease. In addition to this stage, you can also make use of some of the other areas around our studio, including the green rooms, and the well-known Woodshop, which we promote as the ideal place for art shows and photography, particularly when combined with one of our stages. Its vintage walls and dramatic ceilings make it an ideal location for your shoot.

Make Use of Our Photo Studio Rental in Los Angeles

When you are looking for a classic space to turn into a professional photo rental studio in Los Angeles, our stages provide you with the perfect blend of vintage scenery and modern technology. Our teams are here to help you set up and complete your project, so to find out how we can help you now, call (323) 660-8466, or make use of our inqu to ask questions about our studio, and how to turn it into the ideal photo shoot location.