Mack Sennett Studios continues to honor our role in Hollywood history by living up to a legacy of loyalty to our clients. We provide our professional services along with spacious and flexible studio spaces to help you create the best production possible.

Our LA Production Studio Facilities 

Whether you’re shooting a commercial, music video, live stream, TV show, film, or anything else under the sun, we are at your service. Mack Sennett Studios offers up our team’s expertise and professionalism when providing for our clients, and backs it up with over a century of successes, right here in Los Angeles. We’ve been at this for years. From pioneering silent films in the roaring 20s to incorporating future technology in the 2020s, we’ve kept up with the times and the needs of every production company, business, or individual we’ve worked with.


Whatever you’re looking to shoot, our white cyc walls and green screen capabilities on either sound stage can help you achieve a variety of looks and styles. With our fully equipped production offices, your whole crew can come in and work their magic at our Los Angeles production studios, from the first shot to the final edit. 

Perhaps you’re promoting a product and you need to create a softer shot where natural lighting is key. Our Woodshop, with its floor to ceiling wooden walls, exudes warmth and allows for the production to add its own creative decisions. This 800 square foot area with its 35 ft. high ceilings is also an intriguing environment for choreographed pieces, whether it’s contemporary or country. 

Last, but not least, there Mabel’s, our beautifully appointed bar and lounge hidden away like a secret speakeasy in the studio’s basement. Named after Mack Sennett’s romantic and business partner, Mabel Normand, this space has a timeless feel, and offers up a wide range of options. Mabel’s is perfect for a wrap party, private event, or intimate shoot.

Luminaries like David Lynch and Martin Scorsese have selected our studios for their productions, adding their names to a long list of impressive clients. Talented artists such as John C. Reilly, Blake Shelton, Natalie Portman, RuPaul, and Justin Bieber have all graced our stages. We’ve also welcomed many industry moguls at brands such as Netflix, Adidas, Flaunt Magazine, The Fader, and more. Needless to say, you’ll be in good company when your agency, brand, or group chooses Mack Sennett Studios. From independent films to slick Kardashian photoshoots, our studios have got what you need to get the results you desire. 


Our entire team takes this health crisis very seriously and has put everything in place to limit exposure of any kind. Your safety and satisfaction are our top concerns, so when it comes to Covid-19 precautions, we are careful to adhere to all of the CDC recommendations, and err on the side of caution.

Please click here for more specific Covid-19 info or email/ call us @ 323.660.8466

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If you’re on the hunt for production studios, Los Angeles is the place to be.

Los Angeles is full of film and television studios, elaborate sets, and beautiful scenery. Almost every brick wall across the city can become a backdrop for spontaneous selfies that make their way to social media. Needless to say, Los Angeles’ city streets and picturesque locations are good for the ‘gram. However, production companies and artists that plan to carry out a professional photoshoot or video production generally require a soundproof space along with all the amenities. 

Some production companies in Los Angeles might settle for familiar facilities they’ve used before, even if they don’t have high-quality equipment or provide consistently professional services. However, when coordinating a production, you deserve a Los Angeles Production Studio that’s responsive to all your requirements and provides exceptional service. Lucky for you there’s a famous studio that does just that. Spoiler alert: it’s Mack Sennett Studios. Head down Sunset Blvd. from either direction and you’ll arrive at our iconic triangular lot, right around the corner from well-known Sunset Junction, at the heart of the always happening Silver Lake. 

Silver Lake is located just east of Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. Here you’ll find more than hipsters in long lines for cool kicks and breakfast tacos (though there’s plenty of that, and please feel free to hit us up for some great recommendations on fashion or food. We’re here for that). You will also encounter a culture that lives and breathes creative expression and communal collaboration. 

There’s a true cultural renaissance happening on this side of town, and if you scratch the surface you can easily see it. Once you tap into the community at Mack Sennett Studios, you’ll be a part of something special. And you don’t even have to don skinny jeans or grow a beard to be part of the in crowd.

Our team does whatever we can to help capture that creative spark and see that it goes off without a hitch.


Each stage at Mack Sennett Studios comes with its own private amenities area including green rooms, hair/make-up rooms, and all of our Los Angeles studios have access to the following:

Drive-in Capabilities
Private or Valet Parking
1200 AMPS of power
White Cycs
Automatic Light Rails
Craft Services
Private Bathrooms & Shower

We have two sound stages fully equipped to provide you with what you need for virtually any professional production you have planned. 

Stage 1 is soundproofed with 5000 square feet of space, a full catwalk, adjustable light rails, 1200 amps of power and a 100 ft U shaped white cyc. The street level elephant doors and ramp make it easy to drive in larger than life props for your production and set the scene however you see fit. 

Stage 2 is slightly smaller at 2,000 square feet, and also comes with a white cyc. It has stationary speed rails, a wooden backdrop paint frame, and ample natural light. 

Each sound stage comes with stylish and sophisticated green rooms, comfortable co-working spaces, a wardrobe area, as well as beautiful well-lit hair and makeup rooms. ...continue reading

There are also kitchens for your team to store and prepare food and snacks. Of course, we also have full-service catering and craft service offerings available, so we swear, just like Scarlett O’Hara, you’ll never be hungry again.

Mack Sennett Studios is more versatile than many television studios you’ll come across in Los Angeles. While we have the traditional stages, we also offer unique spaces that can be converted into additional shooting areas, or provide a variety of options for the talent and crew while working on a project. 

As mentioned above, our Woodshop adjacent to Stage 1, which used to be an actual woodworking studio, is an impressive space to film some additional footage, or snap some selfies while you’re here. If your production company needs an after-hours gathering space to celebrate a job well done, make sure to check out Mabel’s, the private, tucked away whiskey bar. Its swanky and sultry lounge is the perfect place to throw a swingin’ party with live music on the fully equipped stage. Or you could always just sip on a sidecar as you pretend it’s prohibition and you’re a fun-loving flapper. We’ll cheers to that!

From “Lights, camera, action!” all the way to “That’s a wrap!” the team at Mack Sennett Studios will be there to attend to your needs. Whenever possible, your wish will be our command, like a genie that just gets you. Please contact us with any questions related to your production or our studios, and feel free to search our website for more information.