How To Find An Event Space Rental In Los Angeles

Okay, we’re going to start this blog post with a wild guess here. You ready?

You’ve been googling “event space rental” or “venue rental business” endlessly. So much so that you can practically hit your head against the keyboard and the same results show up.

So? How’d we do?

If you find yourself in search of an event venue, know that you are not alone. The event venue business and event planning industry has plenty to offer you, even if you don’t have a business plan or target market in mind right now.

So don’t think that you can’t pull off the best of networking events without a thousand different event planners by your side. We’ll walk you through how to get in contact with a venue owner and venue manager.

And from there, the perfect venue will simply reveal itself to you. Yep, just like magic, the perfect event space will find you!

What is an event space rental?

You might think that an event center is simply just a large banquet hall. But it can transform into a party venue, a wedding venue, meeting rooms, a dance floor, a kitchen space, and more, all depending on your potential clients and target audience.

There really is a limitless supply of what a party venue can offer you. Even if it’s for your corporate events, social events, food vendors exhibition, and more.

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Why choose an event space rental?

So why go to all the trouble of securing event venues and space when you could host your birthday party or wedding venue at home? Well, let’s find out!

(And see if we can convince you to engage in event management in the process. Can’t fault us for trying!)

Rent out an event space so that you have greater possibilities for your events and don't have to clean up afterwards

They offer amenities

Most venues will want your event experience to be above and beyond all of venue experiences. And that means they’ll likely come with their own liquor license, audio visual equipment, and more.

In fact, Mack Sennett Studios is a perfect example. We offer full-service catering options in addition to our sound stages, making our open spaces the right venue for your meetings, photo shoots, video shoots, and more.

Oh, but you didn’t ask about us. Well, I guess we’ll just leave that information right there anyway…

They’re perfectly located

An event venue has plenty to offer, especially when it comes to location. Typically, they’ll have a great location that’s close to your business, making it easier to get the word out.

And the venue will also assume responsibility for all the details of the event. After all, their kind of business is all about providing you the right tools all through the hospitality industry.

They provide impeccable service

If you’re hosting a corporate event, you’ll want to focus on networking. Not whether those luxury hotels are going to offer enough natural light and large windows for your guests and new clients to enjoy.

Mack Sennett Studios offers amenities which makes them stand out from other event space rentals in Los Angeles

Remember what we said earlier about our full-catering service? Yeah, just wanted to make sure that sunk in… you know, whether you’re hosting some wedding receptions later this year…

They offer live streaming technology

Unless you’ve got a full theater in your home, you’ll want to look into event spaces for their technological capacity alone! A unique venue like ours will offer live streaming services with our in-house production team.

As well as other production resources

The best venues will make sure that your party goes off without a hitch. And that means having a bunch of production studio resources at their disposal.

Not to mention lots of connections to other businesses, and maybe even a new business in the area. It never hurts to network with a new venue in the neighborhood. Odds are, they’ve got a solid business and marketing plan.

And you don’t have to clean up yourself!

Okay, this may be the best part of event spaces and party venues in general. But even still, there are plenty of benefits that event spaces can offer you.

When to start booking events

The short answer? Well in advance. But it will vary depending on the type of venue you’re looking to secure.

And even if you have an event date in mind. Not to mention location, money, the kind of experience you want to create, etc.

How to find an event space

#1. Decide on what type of event you’ll be hosting

Maybe you want a unique venue with a parking lot or a new space to use as an open house while forging new social networks. But first, you have to focus on what the venue, business, and location provides.

Industry events

Industry and business events will benefit from sound stages that create the perfect location for a meetup. Oh, and wouldn’t you know – that’s exactly what our venues offer too!

Choosing the right event space rental for you starts with knowing what you need from the event venue itself

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Corporate and nonprofit events

Need to create the perfect ambience in the right location for your corporate events? Then contact the venue ahead of time and ask what events they’ve hosted in the past.

Private parties

We’re talking about a wedding, baby showers, anything that you want to host. Most likely, your venue will be more than accommodating.

Immersive experiences

We told you a venue could transform into anything and everything – including immersive experiences! Can’t believe you didn’t take our word for it.

#2. Research various event venues

Once you know the kind of event you want to host, you’ll know what space to search for. Venues that offer the right amount of space, amenities, and additional services.

#3. Contact the event venue of your choosing

If you have been tasked to host events with other business owners, always reach out to the venue space beforehand to discuss! They’ll answer any questions you have and maybe even have some tips too.

Speak with the event space rental in advance to ensure that your Los Angeles event goes off without a hitch

#4. Schedule a consultation

Making sure your event planning goes off without a hitch is what everybody wants. So meet with the event venue for a consultation to discuss venue options, location, money, and more.

#5. Have a party!

Then, you can indulge in the event space and dance the night away! You deserve it after all of the hard work you put into finding that event venue in the first place.

#6. Keep in touch

You might think that most other venues will be the ones to keep in touch with you. But if you got a great deal on their unique spaces, it’s a great idea to keep your business with them fresh in their minds.

That way, you won’t have to scout out a new venue altogether again. And you can book events and receive your preferred vendors, knowing that your previous events with them were so successful anyway.

Final thoughts

Your event venue is just waiting to blow everybody’s mind. So reach out to Mack Sennett Studios or another venue today!

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