Event Venue
How Much To Rent A Venue For A Party
‘Tis the season for birthday parties, corporate events, wedding parties, holiday parties, and what have you. Because let’s be honest – event planning services and event venues are always in high demand. No matter the time of year, there’s always going to be a birthday party, corporate event, cocktail party, or other kind of event...
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How To Find An Event Space Rental In Los Angeles
Okay, we’re going to start this blog post with a wild guess here. You ready? You’ve been googling “event space rental” or “venue rental business” endlessly. So much so that you can practically hit your head against the keyboard and the same results show up. So? How’d we do? If you find yourself in search...
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Production Studios
Since Grammy-nominated music producer, Jesse Rogg assumed ownership of Mack Sennett Studios in 2013, its event venue and production studios have been frequented by world-famous musicians for music videos, TV production, fashion shows, and many other such commercial purposes. However, Rogg stresses the role Mack Sennett Studios has played in the cultural progress of Los Angeles for the...
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