augmented reality
How Does Virtual Reality Work
You’ve seen Ex Machina, right? So you know the dangers of artificial intelligence? Great! Then you know the other side of the spectrum that is virtual reality technology. Luckily today, we’re going to be exploring the lighter side of virtual reality. That is, the non-demonic side of virtual reality. So, ready to jump into this...
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What Is An Immersive Experience
Everyday, it seems the real world becomes even more virtual. And when it comes to creating new spaces, elements, and works of art, virtual content is making waves beyond our wildest imaginations. As far as immersive experiences go, you may only think it can be accessed through virtual reality headsets. But you’d be surprised at...
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What is immersive technology
When you go to the movies, you might feel like you’re having an immersive experience. After all, you’re invested in the story. The universe is right before your eyes. You’re most likely watching CGI animation at work. And you’re surrounded by the creativity it took to bring these characters to life. But at the movies,...
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