How does the cinematographer control color in a scene
You know those movies you watch just for the sake of how they look? The color palette is just right? And the visual storytelling as told through color theory just makes it a visual feast to take in? Yeah, those. (I can hear your ahh’s from here!) These movies alone teach us that the power...
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How lighting affects mood in film
Films have the power to make you feel something. But how much does the lighting have to do with that? Turns out, quite a bit. Lighting can highly affect the mood of a film, just like it can affect photography. It can help the audience understand what they are supposed to be feeling. And it...
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what is a dp in film production
The making of a movie requires time and effort from many skilled and creative people. The director of photography (DoP or DP) is one of those individuals, fulfilling a critical role in the viewer’s experience of the film. The DP, also referred to as the cinematographer, is the person who oversees the camera and lighting...
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