production design
What Is Set Design In Film
Be honest. You’ve gasped at the sight of a set designer’s work in film. It’s just natural. Whether it’s the set construction or the imagination behind it, there’s something rare and unique to behold. But that’s only the finished product you’re seeing. Not the process through which the visual elements all came together. So, care...
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What does an art director do in film
You might not know it, but art directors are one of the strongest backbones of any production. When we go to the movies, we’ve learned to really only pay attention to the celebrity stars and directors. But what about the art directors that made all of the visual aspects of the film come alive? Sometimes,...
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What is Production Design in a film
What is Production Design? In the film industry, we often talk about suspension of disbelief or the willingness to set aside one’s logical thinking to be able to enjoy an art form as a kind of special reality – albeit a temporary one. We want to get lost in a story and be emotionally moved...
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