art department
How To Become A Creative Director In Film
You know how a branding and advertising agency manages to capture your attention through visual style? How even the White House has its own visual identity that has become synonymous with the American cultural identity? Well, it’s thanks to an art director or creative director who designed such a vision. And made it stick. But...
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what is CGI animation
Visual effects in film have expansively grown. From 2d animation to 3d animation. From 3d models to computer graphics. From 3d animation to 3d computer animation. The list goes on and on. Nowadays, CGI films are something we hardly bat an eye at. But how did we get here? And where are we capable of...
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What is Production Design in a film
What is Production Design? In the film industry, we often talk about suspension of disbelief or the willingness to set aside one’s logical thinking to be able to enjoy an art form as a kind of special reality – albeit a temporary one. We want to get lost in a story and be emotionally moved...
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