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How To Find A Recording Studio
Nowadays if you’re a songwriter, you can look up “recording studios near me” and get flooded with a number of recording studio results. But it can be hard to suss out which studio offers the best in the music industry. So if you need a couple of guiding tips, consider this your Northern Star. Here...
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How To Live Stream An Event
“Pics or it didn’t happen.” Have you ever heard this phrase? The rise of social media and live stream events have given live events a different meaning. Sure, an event can happen in real life, but if there were no pictures or even a live stream to prove it, did it even happen at all?...
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how to set up a home music studio
Make Music Right Where You Are with a Home Studio Technology affects the evolution of every industry, and the music business is no different. Having a home recording studio was a real rarity available only to the elite for many years. With the advent of the digital audio workstation (DAW) and other advances in digital...
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