how to get good audio when filming
If you are working on a major film production, you will likely have a team dedicated to audio that includes recording engineers, sound mixers, and so forth. Sometimes, though, you have to make your audio sound great with what you’ve got, and that may not always include an entire team or big budget. Still, there...
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how does filming work in a sound stage
First, what is a sound stage? Before we go into how filming works on a sound stage, let’s make sure there’s a shared understanding of what this means. When people drive through the streets of the city of Los Angeles – or other popular places for movie-making – they may pass by without a second...
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We’re excited to announce that we’ve given one of the most epic spaces in our building a little TLC and it’s now available for rental! Located behind the Michael Jackson Remember The Time music video backdrop in stage one, our Woodshop encompasses the triangular tip of our building. We finally dug through the tools and materials that were piled high in this incredible space, added a...
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