video production
What Is A Film Production Company
How much video content have you watched today? We know it might be early as you’re reading this. But we’d place a fair bet that you spent some time just lying in bed looking at your phone. So? The amount of content we consume is astounding. And who is in charge of producing content like...
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How To Live Stream An Event
“Pics or it didn’t happen.” Have you ever heard this phrase? The rise of social media and live stream events have given live events a different meaning. Sure, an event can happen in real life, but if there were no pictures or even a live stream to prove it, did it even happen at all?...
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what is studio production
Lights, Camera, Lingo! The motion picture industry – and the video and film production business more generally – uses lingo that people often learn little by little when working for film production companies, or playing a part in a production. Whether you’re the talent in front of the camera or part of the crew behind...
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