How To Become A Cinematographer
Let us guess. You’re here because camera angles turn you on. They pull on your heartstrings. And you want in on this lucrative position in the film industry. We get it. We’re all for you and your dreams of becoming a professional cinematographer. But first, let us give you the tools you’ll need to be...
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How To Become A Director Of Photography
Windswept greenery or tall concrete jungles? Stark muted colors or vibrant explosive hues? Sounds like a game of “Would you rather?” but these are the decisions that a Director of Photography, or DP, must deal with on a daily basis. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every film image just perfectly...
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How does the cinematographer control color in a scene
You know those movies you watch just for the sake of how they look? The color palette is just right? And the visual storytelling as told through color theory just makes it a visual feast to take in? Yeah, those. (I can hear your ahh’s from here!) These movies alone teach us that the power...
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What does a cinematographer do
Some movies stick with us because of the plot. But other movies stick with us because of the way they look and feel. Oftentimes, this feat is largely due to the cinematographer. They are responsible for capturing the images just so. And they are the ultimate masters of visual storytelling. As an art form, cinematography...
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What is Production Design in a film
What is Production Design? In the film industry, we often talk about suspension of disbelief or the willingness to set aside one’s logical thinking to be able to enjoy an art form as a kind of special reality – albeit a temporary one. We want to get lost in a story and be emotionally moved...
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