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What Is Set Design In Film
Be honest. You’ve gasped at the sight of a set designer’s work in film. It’s just natural. Whether it’s the set construction or the imagination behind it, there’s something rare and unique to behold. But that’s only the finished product you’re seeing. Not the process through which the visual elements all came together. So, care...
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What Does A Location Scout Do
Have you ever found a location and thought, “Wow, this would be the perfect place to shoot a movie?” If you have, you probably got bit with the location scouting bug somewhere along your journey. After all, there are so many different locations just waiting to be discovered and put to use. But what exactly...
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How to become a film director
If you’re an aspiring film director, you can likely point to a single moment that changed your life. Maybe you loved going to the video store as a kid. You picked out movies like it was already your career. And you watched them over and over to get an understanding of the film industry. It...
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