mack sennett
Before the film industry was the multi-billion dollar business it is now, there were baby steps and breakthroughs all along the way. From Italian scientist Allesandro Volta’s demonstration of a continuous source of electricity, to the French Lumière brothers’ photography equipment, to American inventor Thomas Edison’s light bulb and kinetograph, the boundless imagination of inventors...
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what is a dp in film production
The making of a movie requires time and effort from many skilled and creative people. The director of photography (DoP or DP) is one of those individuals, fulfilling a critical role in the viewer’s experience of the film. The DP, also referred to as the cinematographer, is the person who oversees the camera and lighting...
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what is post production in film
When the director says, “that’s a wrap,” it’s time for post-production to get started. Of course, some people in post-production are already working alongside directors and others during the filming process, but there’s still a lot to be done after the cast and film crew head home.                                                  Post-production includes everything from picture and sound editing...
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