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What is sound editing in film
Storytelling is so much more than we think it is. Just ask any sound editor out there in the film industry. You might think, “Ok, this movie has an awesome soundtrack!” But what about the sounds and sound effects that are more subtle than that? Think dialogue, footsteps, the sound of crunching leaves. All of...
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How to convert super 8 film to digital
If you’re reading this, it’s likely you didn’t have DVD stacked upon DVD in your childhood household. Maybe you’re more used to watching a movie through a film format? And the term USB device makes you cock your head to one side? This is in no way to shame you. In fact, it’s to give...
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What software do film composers use
We all know the power of music when it comes to filmmaking. Just think of any John Williams or Hans Zimmer score. Nowadays, there are so many music software programs to choose from. And choosing the “right” one can feel quite overwhelming. But film scoring is all about creativity. So the best music production software...
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How to convert 8mm film to digital
For many of us, 8mm films are synonymous with precious memories and home videos. These film reels might include your first bike ride or even your wedding day. But in the digital age, 8mm film is dying. So preserving these memories and converting them to a digital format has become crucial. Luckily, there are a...
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what is montage in the Hollywood sense of the word
Definition of the Term Montage Our beautiful brains are capable of deducing all manner of things from partial pieces of information or a simple series of images. Storytellers take advantage of this ability in their film editing. You may have noticed that Hollywood films sometimes cut together sequences to tell a story in an economic...
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what is post production in film
When the director says, “that’s a wrap,” it’s time for post-production to get started. Of course, some people in post-production are already working alongside directors and others during the filming process, but there’s still a lot to be done after the cast and film crew head home.                                                  Post-production includes everything from picture and sound editing...
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