sound effects
What Was The First Film With Sound
Nowadays, when you watch a film, it’s a given that you’ll be hearing a score and sound effects. Heck, some people even prefer to wear earplugs when they go to the movies! Granted, going to the movies does seem like a thing of the past. What with Netflix and all. But you know what’s actually...
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How to become a foley artist
You know that pinnacle scene in any horror movie? There’s a violent storm raging outside and the protagonist (soon to be victim) hears the sound of a creaking stair from an intruder in the house. Car doors start flapping in the wind of the storm. And the sound of firm shoes on a tile floor...
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What is sound editing in film
Storytelling is so much more than we think it is. Just ask any sound editor out there in the film industry. You might think, “Ok, this movie has an awesome soundtrack!” But what about the sounds and sound effects that are more subtle than that? Think dialogue, footsteps, the sound of crunching leaves. All of...
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