film production
What Is A Film Production Company
How much video content have you watched today? We know it might be early as you’re reading this. But we’d place a fair bet that you spent some time just lying in bed looking at your phone. So? The amount of content we consume is astounding. And who is in charge of producing content like...
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How much does film production insurance cost
Film production insurance. Not something most of us think about when we think about Hollywood. But film insurance and coverage is a crucial part of the business that makes movies happen. In fact, it’s one of the smartest things to include on a film project, especially if you have a lot of different elements involved....
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What is film editing
Film editors are the unsung heroes of movies. Directors, producers, and actors will often get the spotlight. But the film editor is the one in charge of bringing the film together. Film editing is often referred to as an “invisible art.” Good editing is hardly noticeable. But bad editing stands out like a sore thumb....
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what does production mean in film
The Phases of Film Production Film production involves a huge amount of people power, as well as creativity and time. For a film to make it all the way to the eyes of viewers, it must go through several stages. From development to distribution, there are a few phases that shape films and make movie-going...
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what is a dp in film production
The making of a movie requires time and effort from many skilled and creative people. The director of photography (DoP or DP) is one of those individuals, fulfilling a critical role in the viewer’s experience of the film. The DP, also referred to as the cinematographer, is the person who oversees the camera and lighting...
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